Iniquities Trilogy 1

Winner of the prestigious David St John Thomas Prize for Fiction 2007

“Children begin by loving their parents; after a time they judge them; rarely, if ever, do they forgive them” - Oscar Wilde

The Last Dance explores the interlocking pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that is the network of relationships in a damaged family.

By confronting taboo subjects such as incest and inter-generational love this is not always a comfortable read, but it is a compelling, thought provoking and enjoyable one.

The respectable facade of the Donaldson family in provincial Cheshire through the years following the Second World War is just that - a façade.

Arnold and Alicia marry for the wrong reasons - Arnold because she is perfect for his needs and Alicia to escape her family and because she has a child on the way.

Arnold has another son, not Alicia's; Alicia has a daughter, not Arnold's and those children become very close as they grow up together.

When it matters deeply both Arnold and Alicia lie to their children - but perhaps they do not know the truth themselves.

Published by Troubador Publishing June 2006
ISBN: 1-905237731 (PB)
ISBN: 1-905237936 (HB)
ISBN: 978-1848798819 (e-Book)

"A very gripping read about the most dysfunctional family ever. It had me hooked from the start. A very original storyline. The relationships are quite complex, so best to read it in a short time. Good for a long journey or a holiday."Kate C

"I enjoyed getting involved in the relationships of the characters, and found this book hard to put down."Woman's Own Book Club

"A powerful novel ... concise organization of events and extremely vivid descriptions ... a page-turner and an enjoyable read."The Self Publishing Magazine