Island murder… Island murderer?

Carolyn wrote "When I began to map out the plot of a book about obsession I imagined a young man, perhaps still a schoolboy, becoming obsessed with a girl, then spending half a century stalking her through all the phases of her life. But as the book took shape the characters, David and Jane, decided for themselves that David was only a pawn in a much wider story."

What's it about?

When a murder is committed in full view of a number of eminently respectable witnesses the police appear to have an open and shut case on their hands.

Or did they jump to an easy conclusion because the victim was one of their own?

Perhaps the victim was not as innocent, nor the accused as guilty, as the prosecution make them out to be.

Perhaps the accused was really the victim...

Perhaps, if her father had not been an ambitious young politician and her mother not a Russian born agent, she could have lived her life the way she wanted to….

Perhaps, if her parents had not made an enemy of the man they met in the embassy in Moscow, she would not be on trial, sixty years later, for a murder she was certain she could not have committed.

Her Parents’ Daughter follows the family of Jane Carmichael from Yarmouth, a small but bustling ferry port on the north coast of the Isle of Wight via Moscow in the Cold War to a number of locations around England including York, Ludlow (Shropshire) and Cambridge before returning to the Isle of Wight for the conclusion.

Current action covers only a matter of months (as Jane awaits trial) but it is in the backstory of more than half a century where the answers lie.

Published by New Generation Publishing August 2014

ISBN: 978-1786070129 (PB)
Also available as an e-book

“Despite knowing who didn’t commit the murder from the very beginning this is still a very clever and engaging ’whodunnit’ ’whydunnit’ and ‘howdunnit’”

AC, Freshwater Isle of Wight

“A great book. Gripping story with lots of false leads. Just when you think you have figured it out you find out you were wrong!! Highly recommended. Great for those lovely cosy nights reading under the duvet. Bet you don't guess the ending.”

SD, Pilton Somerset

“Very much a page turner, an intricate plot that moves across Europe and the UK, with intrigue and romance to boot. Very well crafted novel by an experienced author.”

CM, Sevenoaks Kent

“I loved the book my friend bought it for me while we were on holiday in Yarmouth. I read it in less than a week I didn't want it to end.”

EB, Reading Berkshire